Project on Fair Representation Submits Amicus Brief to SCOTUS in Alabama Redistricting Case

The Project on Fair Representation is a public-interest organization committed to the principle that racial and ethnic classifications are unconstitutional, unfair, and harmful. It works to advance race-neutral rules in education, government action, and voting. The Project pursues these goals through education and advocacy and has been involved in several cases before the Court involving these important issues.

The Project has a direct interest in this case because it opposes racial gerrymandering of all kinds. Eliminating racial sorting in redistricting is not only what our Constitution requires, but it is also a needed remedy for our Nation’s increasingly polarized and racialized politics. Single member districts drawn on race-neutral principles that connect compact, contiguous neighborhoods (for example, by using elementary school attendance zones as the building blocks) may not have the racial percentages sought by political parties, but they help us move past racial stereotyping and incentivize candidates for office and elected representatives to find more middle ground, based on what their constituents want. 

You can view or download the brief below.