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Project on Fair Representation

Founded in 2005, the Project on Fair Representation is a not-for-profit legal defense foundation that is designed to support litigation that challenges racial and ethnic classifications and preferences in state and federal courts.


The mission of the Project on Fair Representation (POFR) is to facilitate pro bono legal representation to political subdivisions and individuals that wish to challenge government distinctions and preferences made on the basis of race and ethnicity. POFR will devote all of its efforts to influencing jurisprudence, public policy, and public attitudes regarding race and ethnicity in six arenas:


Reforming those provisions of the Voting Rights Act and other laws that encourage and mandate the creation of racially gerrymandered voting districts.


Ending the use of race-based affirmative action in college admissions and K-12 student assignments, as well as racial considerations in awarding scholarships, fellowships, and academic enrichment programs.


Challenging in the courts municipal, state, and federal programs that award fixed percentages of contracts to individuals and firms based upon race, gender, and ethnicity.


Representing individuals who have been victims of racial discrimination in hiring, firing, and promotion.

Racial Quotas

Challenging in the courts public and private actions that exclude individuals based on their race and ethnicity as well as actions that mandate a fixed percentage of individuals based on their race and ethnicity.

Racial Reparations

Challenging racially discriminatory reparations plans.

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